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Injury Surveilance location of injury

This chart summarises the anatomical location and frequency of injuries sustained by my clients during 2022.  (Metrics have been stripped.)  As we’ve moved into 2023, I’ve taken stock of the multitude of injuries and conditions which I’ve seen week in, week out … Read More

Injury Surveillance 2022

Injury surveillance continued…..  These lists (not exhaustive) summarise the nature of the injuries/conditions which my clients have been experiencing and received treatment for in 2022.  It gives a flavour of what Kinetic Therapy can do as a modality to improve pain management … Read More

Tension release for rugby athlete

A number of issues to address for my client today, a former professional rugby league athlete.  Tension headaches, shoulder pain, mid back pain and low back pain to name a few.  All under control in one treatment and he’ll be back next … Read More

Chronic Headache relief for Financial Advisor

My Client, a Financial Advisor was in back in the treatment room to address a number of symptoms which were affecting his performance in the weightroom and personal/work life.  Chronic headaches, back pain, shoulder impingement which was limiting range of motion … Read More

Restriction release of MMA fighter

 My client @aaron_talent96 , Coach at @masdagym and MMA fighter was referred to address restrictions which were limiting his movement and performance in training, ahead of his next fight on 25 February 2023.  He’d has sports massages in the past and had been told he … Read More

CrossFit Chronic Pain

He was constantly experiencing pain on the Lateral knee and ITB area and unable to walk without hobbling.  He sustained the injury during CrossFit competition with the symptom, sudden and acute pain, coming from a heavy squat clean.  Having given time for … Read More

Rib and Oblique pain eased for MMA Athlete

My client, referred by @aaron_talent96 had been experiencing chronic rib/oblique pain for over 4 months. The rib/oblique pain was only a symptom with the true source of dysfunction (the problem) coming from elsewhere in the body.  To add, the prominence of the rib/oblique … Read More

Chaz’s feedback following treatment for Sciatica

Chaz, a 33-year-old Construction Specialist was avid amateur football player, training and playing matches 3-4 times each week. After many years of playing without any injury, Chaz began to feel sciatic pain in his right leg, back pain and shooting … Read More

Ice Hockey Athlete

Neck and Rhomboid pain eased for Ice Hockey Athlete

Former Ice Hockey Athlete (Germany) and current Site Manager for a Manchester based global ecommerce health and beauty retailer, in for treatment to address acute pain in his neck and t spine which had stopped him from being able to train … Read More