My client @aaron_talent96 , Coach at @masdagym and MMA fighter was referred to address restrictions which were limiting his movement and performance in training, ahead of his next fight on 25 February 2023. 
He’d has sports massages in the past and had been told he had a lot of scar tissue/fascial adhesion – no lie told there. 
Lucky for my client, he’d been referred to one of the few specialists in the UK with the capability, tools and methodology to remove scar tissue, in an expeditious manner. 
55 mins treatment for his first session and he’s ready feeling improvements – ready for camp next week. 
The Science (in short): 
A build up of scar tissue/fascial adhesion limits the sliding movement of muscle fibres and limits blood flow which can cause tearing around the fibres and lead to potential injury. 
Kinetic Therapy removes the fascial adhesions/restrictions and improves sliding movement of the muscle fibres and blood flow to the muscles, ligaments, skin and bones to promote healing to the injured structures and the body as a whole.