Former Ice Hockey Athlete (Germany) and current Site Manager for a Manchester based global ecommerce health and beauty retailer, in for treatment to address acute pain in his neck and t spine which had stopped him from being able to train for two weeks.

His friend had introduced him to Kinetic Therapy, so he did his due diligence, checked it out, found my profile, read my reviews, then booked himself in for treatment, making the trip to TJ Therapies HQ.

Over his career he’d experienced a number of fractures to his arms and wrists including a knee fracture (3 places) when he hurtled into a goal post during Ice Hockey.

Bearing this in mind during the consultation, I had a suspicion the soft tissue structures around the quad may have not been fully recovered despite significant amount of time passing.

Treatment to the calf and hamstring, spine and neck addressed the neck and rhomboid dysfunction with special attention paid to the quad too.

Quad: Significant amount of scar tissue found causing increased internal friction, pressure and tension. This was putting him at greater risk for an acute injury– this was cleared and released within his appointment.

Soft tissue restrictions released, decrease tension and restored function and movement.

Always a joy to work with high performing individuals.