Chaz, a 33-year-old Construction Specialist was avid amateur football player, training and playing matches 3-4 times each week.

After many years of playing without any injury, Chaz began to feel sciatic pain in his right leg, back pain and shooting pain in the Mons Pubis area.

For over 3 months, Chaz felt severe shooting pains daily and struggled to straighten his back without causing pain. His only relief came when he was lying down in bed.

During this time, he couldn’t train with his teammates or play football and he couldn’t go to work – he could barely leave the house because he was constantly living in fear that his back would seize up at the wrong time, leaving him vulnerable and needing help.

The fear of that alone led him to stay indoors more and impacted his physical and mental health negatively.

NHS Physio (Mobile App based), Acupuncture, Chiropractic adjustment and Physical Therapy improved his pain and stiffness temporarily, before it returned.

Frustrated, Chaz turned to me, a different kind of practitioner, who specialized in working the muscle and the fascia, a web of connective tissue found throughout the body.

During his treatment session, I examined his soft tissue, alignment and range of motion before sharing an approach to get him pain free.

I then applied pressure to his (right leg) Calf, Hamstring, IT Band and Quad – seemingly unconnected areas to where the pain was coming from.

Soon after his first, and only session, his back pain completely eased and it didn’t lock up anymore. His Mons Pubis pains had departed too. 7 days later his Sciatic pains had gone.