My client, referred by @aaron_talent96 had been experiencing chronic rib/oblique pain for over 4 months. The rib/oblique pain was only a symptom with the true source of dysfunction (the problem) coming from elsewhere in the body. 
To add, the prominence of the rib/oblique pain was masking a number of co-morbid issues which included shoulder and lat restrictions, T Spine tightness and tension, lower back and leg restrictions. 
Listen to my previous post and you’ll learn, the longer issues like this are left, the worse the pain will get and the dysfunction will spread to other parts of the body. It’s always best to keep on top of these issues by getting a diagnosis early and confronting the issue before it gets worse (see previous post). That’s what I’m here for. If in doubt, reach out. 
1.5hrs treatment has cleared a lot of my clients restriction and reduced his level of pain. He feels his body is symmetrical again and he can now tense his right oblique. 
He’s back in to continue his treatment plan and we’ll be developing a combat training plan including nutrition. 
I work with a lot of fighters from MMA, BJJ, Muay Thai, Judo and more ranging from amateur to professional, getting them pain free. 
I understand the movement patterns and nature of the causes of dysfunction which helps me get under the skin of the injury and get them back to a high level of performance at an unparalleled pace.