I had a first treatment and I am over the moon with the results. I was experiencing back pain and sciatica for 6 weeks. TJ was very professional, he explained what was going on with my body in layman’s terms (for the first time) and he put me at ease. Fast forward and the back pain has gone and so has the sciatica. Before I saw TJ I’d tried Private Physio, Chiropractor and a back pain specialist. I wish I’d come to him sooner, I would have saved a lot of time and money. Don’t be put off by the red marks. The treatment is sore in some places but definitely worth it. I would highly recommend!

Tasha M
HR Manager - Recruitment

I’ve seen TJ twice now for treatment to address upper back/shoulder restriction (both sides). The change to my mobility is a night and day difference than before. I struggled to lift arms above my head and now I can move them all the way without any restriction or pain. The real difference compared to the other therapist I’ve tried is TJ’s unique understanding of anatomy and his ability to rid the body of scar tissue restriction. I was taken aback when he treated my legs first, but after just 20 minutes on my left calf tension began to ease. The treatment is sore but the benefits definitely outweigh those moments.

Onyeka I
Business Owner/Entrepreneur - Oil & Gas

I went to TJ after suffering with lower back pain issues that I’d struggled with for three years. I’d tried a number of treatments with osteopath's, private physio's and stretch therapists, after giving these treatments a real good go for months at a time, they didn't get me pain free. As a full- time working mum, it really made it hard to take care of the kids/juggle work or even just get out of bed, as i was constantly in fear of pain..... Two sessions with TJ and I’m back to being my old self again. There’s no more back pain and I’m back in the gym. I haven’t suffered any back pain since. He’s a true professional. Thank you TJ

Amelia S
Full-time Mum

I couldn’t recommend enough! Fixed my back after just 2 sessions, went from not being able to even pick up a 5kg dumbbell back up to full strength and completely pain free. I feel like I’ve got my life back.


I had been going to the chiropractor since Feb at £45 a pop with a persistent neck and shoulder pain, 1st initial sessions were great, but I was still needing the appointments 6 months on. In addition to the chiropractor, I was getting massages for the muscular issues. I met Tendai on a trip to Northampton and he told me about what he does and how he helps people. I was in Liverpool and Tendai was kind enough to fit me in. He made a quick assessment and got to work. he started off with the neck and shoulder that had the issues. Tendai's knowledge on his craft is phenomenal. However, this isn't for the faint hearted but it is definitely worth it. The skill involved in this definitely shone through. I am a few weeks on from writing this and I haven't been back to the chiropractor, my posture and mobility have improved dramatically. lf you are experiencing musculoskeletal issues. Been paying through the nose for massages and the like, I would say definitely go see Tendai, get through that 1st session and start improving your quality of life.

Leo T
NHS Recruitment Consultant

I hope you’re well; I'm just driving to work, and it just dawned on me that i never ever have knee pain anymore when I'm squatting...Ever...After that horrendous treatment you did on the adductor... I never ever get pain in my knees now and i was convinced that years in the army had messed my knees up. I don’t ever get pain in them anymore. I’m thankful and its absolutely blown my mind. I was just thinking then, I've got a big leggy session today and usually, I'd be dreading it because of the pain, and I'd be warming up for 30 minutes trying to get some freeness in there but I never get any pain, you're very good at what you do.

Matt H
British Army Veteran/ Gym owner

I can’t thank Tj enough for getting me back on track (literally) I'd been struggling with knee pain, tight hamstrings and calves for over 12 months and backpain which was affecting my training and performance. I’ve worked alongside club/private physios and osteopaths with small improvements but nothing that lasted. I was about to hang my spikes up before seeing one of Tj's posts. I’d never heard of kinetic therapy before and i had my doubts, but I did my research and saw the feed- back. It looked a little too good to be true so i got in touch with Tj. He was patient and answered my questions. He even put me in touch with clients who’d been treated before who spoke highly of him and the treatment. 3 treatments later and | haven't looked back, I'm not in pain anymore and I'm moving like an 18-year-old version of myself. The treatment is one thing but the advice on nutrition, sleep and rehab has been invaluable to making sure I keep improving I can’t recommend enough. Thank you

Matthew H
Track & Field Athlete

After weeks of having back pain, l can’t believe i am fully able to bend over and co back to doing squats and stretching. 55 minutes of being in pain for the benefits was worth it. I can't recommend Tendai enough, he made me feel so comfortable, he knows his stuff when it comes to the body. Before I'd even told him what part of my back the problem was he’d already told me by using his techniques and assessment. One major positive is that he helped by talking me through the pain which made it barer able. The soreness in my leg lasted for 3 days after treatment and I got the best night's sleep after it

Grace S
NHS Nurse

Couldn't recommend Tendai enough! When I went to him I was suffering from severe pain radiating from my jaw to my entire face caused by bruxism (teeth grinding). I'd been to dentists, was living on painkillers, couldn't sleep at night and got put on a waiting list to see a specialist. One session with Tendai and I couldn't believe the difference it made. The pain went from a 10/10 to a 3/10. Also treated a shoulder issue I was having and not even had a niggle since. Definately worth getting booked in, this guy knows what he is doing!

Kerry R
Personal Trainer - Super Me Fitness

Tendai is very knowledgeable and experienced in injury treatment. Chiropractors were a waste of money. Tendai’s kinetic therapy treatment is very effective in stimulating muscle function and relieving pain. He is very kind and accommodating and will tailor a treatment plan specific to your needs. He actually cares about your pain and as opposed to just taking your money. Couldn’t recommend the service enough. If you have any injuries and want to optimise your performance physically generally Tendai is your man.

Business Owner - Aesthetics

Incredible results from one session. Tendai is a chilled, friendly guy who is very knowledgeable. Tension and a lack of mobility in my right shoulder that I've had difficulty with for years is gone. I’d recommend this treatment to anyone with similar issues. Despite the pain/bruising I'm looking forward to the next one and will supplement gym with therapy for the foreseeable. Undoubtably worth it.

Nial McG
Account Manager

I just wanted to say thank you for yesterday. I’m eternally grateful and I've been sending tons of gratitude your way. It’s had so many knock-on effects on my body it’s untrue. I literally feel 10 years younger mobility wise. My hero I went from struggling to eat food to last night eating nearly 4000 calories in 1 go and was still starving. I couldn’t be any more appreciative mate.

Lee L
Tree Surgeon

For 2 years, I had this groin pain, I had multiple scans and physio sessions but to no avail. Thankfully I'm pain free in my groin. I've been carrying a shoulder impingement for 3+ years which kept flaring up and haven’t been able to sleep on the left side for due to pain following multiple physios. I can honestly say I'm pain free again which is a miracle having only been once.

Ibrahim A
NHS Responder/ Trainee NHS Paramedic

Good morning, I was going to message you today. It is much better now. My movement has improved so much. Haven’t experienced the throbbing pain in my shoulder blade as well. Thank you very much for getting me to this point with only 1 treatment. Will definitely be back soon for my leg. Have a lovely day x

Serena J

I am doing much better today. I’ve trained hamstrings and glutes this morning and it’s the heaviest I've been able to go for over a month now, so I'm chuffed. Almost no pain. I’ve started stretching before and after my sessions as well now to hopefully keep everything loose. It’s definitely the best.

Body Builder

Thanks for doing my back! It feels so much better today. I have the sea moss ready to go and back to exercise today!! Walked to Canary Wharf and back yesterday.

Clair S
Social Worker - Local Council

My body feels a lot better, I can tell the difference between my right side and my left side. I’ve still got a few bruises but that’s easing off now. Definitely need to get one booked in again- Early next month for the next side.

Zul J
Account Manager

Tj I hope you’re well mate, I went football last night, I’ve never felt my legs so loose!1 I felt pumped before I even got into the gym, just done back and bis haven’t felt this pumped in ages, biceps full of blood. My partner is doing well too she feels a lot better and pain free.

Manny & Suman
Business Analyst & Driving Instructor

Thank you for fitting me in can’t not send you a review to past to make people understand the difference this treatment makes. I couldn’t stand up or breathe and you know I'm no wimp, I can almost beat this heat. You're one talented person with knowledge.

Nicole D
Hair Stylist

Cannot thank Tj enough for taking time out of his day to get me game ready for Sunday. I had known issues since the Chester game (19th June) and in 15 minutes he had fixed it. If your injured or have any niggles I cannot recommend this guy enough.

Public Servant

Hey T! Hope you are having a good weekend. Ok so my leg feels so much freer! No pain in that side of my hip anymore! Whilst walking yesterday I felt like my right hip was lower than my left! Weird! Book me in for my right leg/hip sorting.

Jane S
HR Manager

I noticed Today how much better my hip feels compared to months ago. I’ve done two runs (slow) this week and I am not in agony., which before I was. The personalised programme and nutrition advice are helping.

Lydia S
Executive Assistant

Legs feeling a better already just resting for the bruising and swelling to go down but other than that feeling good. A couple of the issues that were causing me grief are feeling better already. Thanks again!

Dom W
American Football Athlete

Hi, the bruising went after a few days, my IT band is still a bit sore to touch! The right side of my back isn’t getting a shooting pain into my glute anymore 😊 looking forward to seeing what the next session brings.

Sandra F
Competitive Bodybuilder

Yeah, that is it I am well chuffed with it. Feels much better already and very sure this will work. I have always known I needed to break down the scar tissue but never knew how. Physio/osteo just didn’t do it!

James D
Civil Servant

Quick update. My back is just settling down now. Going to keep up with the rehab and book in again, possibly next month depending on how I'm getting on. Nice one pal, things are looking good.

Steve B

Hey! So sorry for the later reply! I don’t want to talk too soon but the locking up things I had has dramatically decreased. I am feeling like another session on the left might cure me.

Paula N

Tendai!! Something awesome happened. I woke up with no pain in my elbow, I think now that the bruising and swelling has settles, I can really feel the benefit. Thank you

Jason G

My range of motion massively improved straight away and for the first time in months I have not woke up from shoulder pain.

Ben K

Hi mate, just wanted to say thank you very much for the treatment on Sunday. Painful, but enjoyed it. Feeling good! Will 100% be back for more. Thanks, Tendai

Steve H
Competitive Bodybuilder

Tj is always professional and is outstanding at his job. He totally understands my injuries and how to treat. He keeps me moving. Highly recommended.

George F
Cross Fit/Weightlifting Athlete

Haven’t been able to do any weighted dips in a while due to some shoulder pain but thanks to Tj working his magic, I am back to pushing 40KG

Ant M
Personal Trainer/ Football Coach

My ears can now touch my shoulders the relief in my neck is boss and i'm pain free in me back. I'm not feeling like I need to click it all the time, quick results bro crazy.

John S

Getting some work done had loads of niggles from training at home for so long tight neck, stiff lower back as usual TJ sorted me out with a 1 hr session.

Stuart A
Body Builder/Carpenter

I feel a lot better. Not perfect yet but I think that’s the soreness from the treatment. But there has been a mega improvement. Thank you

Ben A
CrossFit Athlete

Thanks! I couldn’t even lie in the bath this morning because I couldn’t bend my neck. Feeling loads better. I’ll be back around Christmas!

Personal Assistant

I am stuck in Kent until 31st. If you are about do you reckon you could slot me in? Side note the shoulders have been awesome. I am so happy you have no ideas.

Steve A
Business Owner/Rugby Athlete

Alright mate! I was going to message you today I actually feel so much better! I completely forgot I have even had any issue with my back.

Shane P
Digital Marketer

Just trained legs and I’ve got to say first time I’ve been under a squat bar with decent weight and not walked away after one rep.

Former Professional Rugby League Athlete

I can’t Thank you enough. I’d honestly say for best part of 2 years I’ve got no back pain & my Achilles isn’t sore to touch.

Giovanni S
Geotechnical Engineer

From being in pain when standing or lying down and getting no sleep to being pain free again.

Sesay A

Fixes me as always back pain, leg weakness all comes from my calf he’s working on my calf.

Second session what a massive improvement already. Can’t recommend this enough.

Walking pain free for the first time in months after a session with the big man.

Colm D

Actually, had the best night's sleep that I have had in a long-time last night.

Hey, I feel so much better the stability in my legs are much stronger

If you need fixing hit him up! Fixed my back after months of pain

Paul M
Trades Professional

Headaches gone and slept like a baby last night.

Ben C
Former Professional Rugby League Athlete

Amazing customer service, felt very comfortable. Tendai is very professional and very knowledgeable exhaling exactly what he’s doing and why he’s doing it

Josh B
Civil Servant
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