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I use hands-on evaluation to assess the texture, tension, and movement of your muscles, fascia, tendons, ligaments, and nerves.



Techniques such as Kinetic Therapy (IASTM) are applied, to release soft tissue restrictions (adhesions and scar tissue) - the primary cause of pain, stiffness, weakness, compensation, and altered biomechanics



My goal is to partner with you to provide the tools and knowledge necessary for successful recovery, prevention and return to play.

Tendai Trafford


Founder of TJ Therapies and former American Football Athlete, Tendai (TJ) has over five years of experience as an accomplished Myotherapist. Known as the "Last Chance Saloon" TJ specialises in treating and improving health outcomes for conditions that prove challenging for other 'specialist' healthcare professionals.

Throughout his career, TJ has developed a unique set of skills, partnering as a trusted therapist to high-performing individuals such as Professional Athletes (Football, American Football, Combat Athletes, Rugby League/Union, and more), Military, NHS, Police, Firefighters, Business Owners, and other professionals. TJs journey started with Massage Therapy and Multi-Dry Needling, before joining the Kinetic Therapy team and becoming a specialist in the field of Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation.

He has become a leading figure in the North West on Myofascial Release modalities. His vast knowledge in pain management and the management of myofascial pathologies, complex cases, persistent/chronic pain sports injuries, and rehabilitation sets him apart. TJ's unique ability to analyse movement and correct biomechanics leads to faster recovery and return to safe activity. He emphasises the importance of remaining active during treatment through self-led movement-based therapy. His dedication and passion for his work have earned him a reputation as a respected professional in the emerging field of Myotherapy.

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